Linneo DIY Wire Harness + BOM kit for Voron V2.4 & Trident


This comprehensive set of wiring components comes with everything you need to build your own Voron V2 or Trident wiring harness using high quality and purpose-built materials. Includes Linneoflon FEP wire, connectors, crimp pins + sockets, wire labels, and more.

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Linneo DIY Wire Harness + BOM kit for Voron V2.4 & Trident

Want the harness built for you? See our built-to-order Linneo harness configurator here.

Avoid sourcing over a dozen unique materials and build your Voron V2 or Trident wiring harness yourself with this comprehensive kit of parts. This set contains enough parts to build a complete harness for any size V2 or Trident machine and satisfies the entire "cables" section of the BOM with some additional components for a clean installation.

Linneo supplies generous lengths of an in-house designed FEP wire that is manufactured to tolerate extremely high cycles of bending/flexing inside of flex chains.

Building for Toolhead PCB and/or ERCF? Don't forget to add the 14 pin and 2 pin (vertical) receptacles below.

Compliment your top-shelf wiring with top-shelf IGUS drag chains also listed below.

Don't forget a set of crimpers!


50x Nylon Cable Ties - Black

9 Meters 20AWG Linneoflon (FEP)
70 Meters 24AWG Linneoflon (FEP)
6 Meters 18AWG Helukabel PVC wire for mains wiring (In 1.3 Meter colored lengths)
25x 4.8mm Spade Crimp Terminals
10x Insulated Crimp Receptacle
10x JST-XH Connector Plug (4 Position)
20x JST-XH Connector Plug (2 Position)
10x JST-XH Connector Plug (3 Position)
50x JST-XH Female Pin

4x Microfit3 Connector Plug (4 Position)

3x Microfit3 Connector Plug (3 Position)

6x Microfit3 Connector Plug (2 Position)

4x Microfit3 Receptacle Plug (4 Position)

3x Microfit3 Receptacle Plug (3 Position)

6x Microfit3 Receptacle Plug (2 Position)

50x Microfit3 Receptacle Sockets

50x Microfit3 Connector Pins

3x 5 pin WAGO connectors

6x 2 pin WAGO connectors

5x Adhesive Cable Tie Plates

10x 0.75 Ferrules

1x Wire Label & Jacket Pack

5x M5 Ring Terminals

3x RGBW LEDs for Stealthburner

For use with the Voron V2.4 and Trident.

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