IGUS Cable Chain Kit - Voron V2.4 - 300mm


Complete genuine IGUS energy chain kit for Voron V2.4. Includes lengths of E2i-10-10-018-0 and E2i-15-10-028-0 cable chain and three mounting bracket sets - as per BOM specification.

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IGUS Cable Chain Kit - Voron V2.4 - 300mm

Enjoy the smooth reliability and long term protection that only genuine IGUS products can offer.

Now shipping with E2i (inside open)!


1x E2i-15-10-028-0 (15x10) @ 1.51 ft (25 links) - Z Chain

1x E2-150-10-12PZ Mounting Set

2x E2i-10-10-018-0 (10x10) @ 1.05 ft (19 links) - XY Chains

2x E2-100-10-12PZ Mounting Sets

E2 series chains feature a removable clip set for easy loading, unloading, and servicing of cables/wires.

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