Introducing KB3D's community group buys!

Our mission statement is to support special open-source hardware projects with partial and complete BOM's at affordable prices via bulk purchasing and in-house manufacturing.

For certain products however, community buying power can be the most powerful and effective. In these cases, we group buy!

The process looks like this:

1. KB3D establishes a relationship with a particular products manufacturer and sets a basic price structure on cost vs quantity.

2. Interested buyers safely and securely reserve units through KB3D at a fixed product cost.

3. After the group buy ordering window expires, we negotiate additional savings into the purchase order when quantities allow for it. The order is placed.

4. On arrival, we distribute the product to the community with affordable worldwide shipping.

That's it!

Things to note:

1. Unless otherwise noted in special circumstances, the pricing shown on the group buy page is what you pay (Plus shipping to your location). We'll never require additional payments.

2. If a group buy is more successful than anticipated, we can often save even more than the pricing orders are placed at! The difference will always be refunded back to the buyer upon campaign completion.

3. If a group buy fails to meet its minimum quantity goal, 100% of the buyers money is returned. We'll take care of the credit card and PayPal fees associated.

4. Due to the nature of group buys, orders are non-refundable once placed - unless of course the group buy fails.

5. While we do our best to vet products and manufacturers before committing to group buys, any warranty issues will need to be taken to the manufacturer. We will always make sure that the products are warranted and supported. Further, we always join in on group buys. We'll be familiar with the product in case of technical support needs.

These campaigns are driven by you, the community.

We're proud to represent you. Group buy ideas come from the community - we simply facilitate them in a way that helps folks feel comfortable.

The more we buy, the more we save.

Share your commitment with your friends, fellow makers, and enthusiasts. The more successful a campaign becomes, the more cost is reduced. This way every single buyer has a reason to celebrate.

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