Mandala Rose Works Printer Bed - Voron V2.4 & Trident - UltraFlat / MagBed


Mandala Rose Works offers this line of "UltraFlat" printer beds for Voron machines in 5083 aluminum cast tooling plate. Available with or without the "MagBed" option for all build sizes.

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Mandala Rose Works Printer Bed - Voron V2.4 & Trident - UltraFlat / MagBed

Print quality starts at the first layer. MRW's UltraFlat beds are flat to 0.1mm or better. All beds are checked and measured against a granite surface plate.

Want more? UltraFlat beds can be optioned as MagBeds, too!

MagBed Features:

Superior plate holding power from top-side mounted magnets

No more adhesive magnet sheets - You'll enjoy higher plate holding power at all temperatures

Magnet sheets can not be ground flat. Omitting them keeps your final deviation where you want it

MagBed Cautions:

It is recommended to use flex sheets that are at least 0.5mm thick (Not including the build surface itself). The magnets are quite strong and set slightly below the plate's surface. Thinner sheets may dimple slightly at the magnets locations.

Special considerations regarding your choice of mesh levelling probe are needed when using MagBed. The high strength of the surface mounted magnets WILL interfere with the use of inductive probes, some capacitive sensors, and even deploying probes like BL Touch. Our recommendation for reliable operation is to use "Klicky" Probe by Jlas1. See more here.

An important note from MRW:

If at any point you decide to remove the magnets, first of all, when reinstalling the screws, turn the screw backwards until you feel the threads in the screw jump the threads in the bed. Once you feel that little bump, turn the screw in until it gets to the "screw stops turning point" with zero strength behind it. Once the screw has stopped turning, tighten it 1/32nd of a turn and NO MORE. Overtightening WILL shatter the magnets.

250mm (V2.4, Trident, V1.8):

    Weight: 3 lbs (approx)

    Length: 255mm

    Height: 255mm

    Thickness: 6.35mm

300mm (V2.4, Trident, V1.8):

    Weight: 4 lbs (approx)

    Length: 305mm

    Height: 305mm

    Thickness: 6mm

350mm (V2.4, Trident):

    Weight: 8 lbs (approx)

    Length: 355mm

    Height: 355mm

    Thickness: 9mm

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