LGX Mounting Accessories Set


This is a spare set of installation hardware for the Bondtech LGX. Includes all original fasteners along with a 30mm length of PTFE tube. This set is included with the purchase of an LGX extruder.

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LGX Mounting Acessories Set

Spare parts set for the Bondtech LGX™ Large Gears eXtruder with:

  • 3x M3x30 Low Head Screw;
  • 4x M3x18 Motor Studs with M3x4 mounting thread;
  • 1x 30mm PTFE Tube.

Extend the possibilities of your LGX™ with this mounting hardware set.

  • Mount a plate in between the extruder and the stepper motor with the longer screws;
  • Extend the mounting possibilities with the motor studs (up to 4 additional mounting points);
  • Improve the Direct Drive performance with the PTFE tube (Sized for Copperhead).

M3x30 Low Head Screws recommendations:

Replace the M3x27mm screws on the 3 positions highlighted in the picture.
The M3x30 screws are compatible with mounting plates from 1 and up to 3mm thickness.
If mounting plate is 1mm thick, or thinner, use the default screws M3x27.

PFTE tube lengths:

Copperhead screw mount : 30mm
New Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum : 11 mm
Old Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum : 10 mm

PFTE cut recommendations:

PTFE tube should be cut straight on both ends.
Slight chamfer inside is recommended, but not mandatory.

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