FDM Tool Hardware Kit for Blackbox

This hardware kit includes the universal pieces required to add (1) additional FDM tool to the Blackbox toolchanging 3D Printer.


(2) Silicone Nozzle Wipers

(1) Silicone Leak Blocker

(1) IGUS Extruder Driven Gear

(1) Bondtech Shaft Assembly

(1) Bondtech BMG Drive Gear Assembly (1.75/5)

(1) Bondtech Thumbscrew Assembly

(2) Bondtech MR85ZZ Bearings

(1) E3D Bowden Coupling for Metal Kit

(2) Chrome Steel Balls

(1) 1 Meter Length of Spring Wire

(1) 3X22mm Bearing Steel Shaft

(1) 3X20mm Bearing Steel Shaft

(1) Tool Lock Wedge Plate

10 Items

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