Disc/Cylinder Magnet - Neodymium - 5x4mm


5mmx4mm Grade N48 Neodymium cylinder magnet with a Nickel coating.

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Disc/Cylinder Magnet - Neodymium - 5x4mm

This disc (cylinder) magnet is a grade N48 Neodymium magnet with a pull force of 2.8lbs. It has a metric dimension of 5x4mm and a nickel coating. Priced each!

Color Nickel (Bright Metallic)
Coating Nickel
Shape Cylinder
Diameter/Length (mm) 5.00
Thickness (mm) 4.00
Pull Force (pounds) 2.8
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 176
Magnetization Direction Through Round Thickness/Length (Axial)
Thickness 4
Diameter 5

QTY 15 needed per Blackbox build

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