Water Cooling BOM Kit for Blackbox - CE


This kit of fittings, tubing, and hardware is for use with the Blackbox CE (Community Edition) and includes high quality products with proven results.



Water Cooling BOM Kit for Blackbox - Community Edition

A collection of fittings and tubing for Blackbox CE offered as a supplement to the E3D water cooling kit.


3 Meters 4/6mm Nylon Tubing

3x 90 degree push-lock fittings

2x straight push-lock fittings

1x Hose Barb Fitting

1x BSPT to 6mm (O.D) push-lock fitting

4x push-lock couplers

1x roll of PTFE sealing tape

10x M3x4.6x4 Heatset Inserts

4x M3x14 BHCS

4x M3 Nuts

4x M3 Washers

8x M3x8 BHCS

4x M3x8 SHCS