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IGUS Cable Chain Kit - Voron V2.4 - 300mm


Complete genuine IGUS energy chain kit for Voron V2.4. Includes lengths of E2i-10-10-018-0 and E2-15-10-028-0 cable chain and three mounting bracket sets - as per BOM specification.


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IGUS Cable Chain Kit - Voron V2.4 - 300mm

Enjoy the smooth reliability and long term protection that only genuine IGUS products can offer.

Now shipping with E2i (inside open)!

Please note that our chain kits are offered at the ideal length for each build. BOM link counts are slightly long, and can result in collisions with the enclosure and extra installation steps when paired with pre-made harnesses.


1x E2-15-10-028-0 (15x10) @ 1.51 ft (23 links) - Z Chain

1x E2-150-10-12PZ Mounting Set

2x E2i-10-10-018-0 (10x10) @ 1.05 ft (16 links) - XY Chains

2x E2-100-10-12PZ Mounting Sets

E2 series chains feature a removable clip set for easy loading, unloading, and servicing of cables/wires.