Linneo Wire Harness for Voron V0.2


PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY of any harness not in stock.

This wiring harness kit from Linneo is for use with the Voron V0.2. It is hand crafted using high quality materials and linneoflon FEP wire.

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Wire Harness for Voron V0.1 - SKR Mini E3 V2 & V3

Brought to you in partnership with the skilled hands of Linneo in Spain.

Wiring your new Voron takes time and patience. Avoid the investment in connectors, wires, and time by opting for one of our pre-built (and hand built) wiring harnesses. Each unit is tested during manufacturing to ensure integrity.

For use with the Voron V0.1 when paired with the BOM specified SKR Mini E3 V2 or V3 controller board.


  • Heluflon FEP wire harness in the ideal length for V0.1
  • Pre-terminated with the correct connectors for your controller board. The other end of the harness is fit with genuine Molex connectors with locking features for easy removal or service of any connected component
  • Connector kit with pins for connection to your motors, fans, thermistor, heater, ETC

NOT Included:

  • Wire terminal crimper - This tool is needed elsewhere for your build as well. Ask us for our recommendations if you need one!
  •  Remaining wiring to be done by the user:

User is responsible for all 120/220V wiring. This includes power inlet, solid state relay, heated bed, power supplies.

All builds are unique in some way or another. Our aim is to reduce the bulk of your time spent wiring by offering you these high quality options from Linneo. While this harness kit is extensive, it does not cover all aspects of your build (see above)

Multiple Colors available.


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