Slice Engineering Boron Nitride Paste - 1cc


Slice Engineering's Boron Nitride Paste acts as both a heat conductor and a release agent. For use with heater cartridges, thermistors, nozzles, and heat breaks. Sold in 1cc syringes with luer lock fitting for reliable long term storage.

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Slice Engineering Boron Nitride Paste - 1cc

  • Thermal paste for improving conduction
  • Acts as a release agent
  • Use the included applicator to coat the cartridge heater hole in your 3d printer heat block. Insert the cartridge heater while the paste is still wet, then let dry. The boron nitride boosts dissipation of heat from the hot section of the cartridge heater, improving its life.
  • Retails in 1 cc syringes with luer lock fittings.

Boron Nitride is so effective, that NASA is experimenting with it in high temperature applications on their spacecraft for the first manned mission to Mars.

How is this related to 3D printing you may ask?

Well, this paste elevates the heat conduction between components, ensuring that your printer is working at maximum capacity — giving your hot block the even heat distribution it needs to deliver the highest quality print in the shortest amount of time. Also, unlike anti-seize compounds, Boron Nitride is not electrically conductive, which eliminates the risk of shorting out your heater cartridge or thermistor.

The paste also makes sure your heater cartridges, thermistors, or nozzles don’t get permanently stuck in your hot block.

The boron nitride particles in our compound are in an aqueous suspension. Once it’s heated, the liquid portion of the suspension evaporates, leaving behind a crumbly, clay-like paste. This paste has a tightly packed crystalline microstructure, and is extremely conductive due to the properties of boron nitride particles.

Those properties make it an ideal candidate for NASA, and an ideal candidate to for your printer.

While you may not be going to Mars anytime soon, we select only the best materials. All we’re saying is, great minds think alike. And we might have missed our calling at NASA.

Bring a little space technology to your printer, make sure nothing sticks, and get better heat conduction.

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