Overhang Lab SLA Resin - Engineering Strong - 500g - Multiple Colors


Overhang Lab QTC Engineering Strong resins are specifically designed for high strength applications. Functional prototyping is empowered through the dimensional accuracy and strong mechanical properties of these resins.

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Overhang Lab SLA Resin - Engineering Strong - 500g - Multiple Colors

Engineering Strong


• Fasteners

• Hand tools product development

• Automobile interior parts

• Cycling accessories

• Props, miniature, and prototyping

Post Processing:

This printed part requires post curing to achieve its ideal hardness

and toughness.

1. Expose the printed parts in 365 ~ 405 nm UV for 10 minutes to an

hour. The time varies based on the thickness of the parts.

2. (Optional for color uniformity) After curing, the color of the parts would dim. Leaving the parts

in 70 °C oven for another hour to finish the curing. The process is

completed when the color is restored.


Engineering Strong creates high precision, tough, and low shrinkage parts to be suitable for various applications. It has low viscosity and could be printed with different combination of parameters to minimize production time. The designed mechanical properties can be achieved after curing process.

Color: White, Grey

Density: 1.12 ~ 1.16 g / cm3

Viscosity: 150 ~ 250 cps @ 25 °C

Shore D Hardness: 785D

Tensile Strength: 57.21 MPa

Young’s Modulus: 2.75 GPa

Elongation: 23%

Notched Impact Strength: 36 J/m

Glass Transition Temperature: 60 °C

Heat Deflection Temperature: 65 °C

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