SLA Resin

Browse our Premium 3D Printing Resins from QTS and Find your Project's Perfect Match.
Quick - Rigid - Sharp - Fine Detail

QTS Basic Resins from Overhang Lab create high accuracy and rigid models for prototyping or other general applications. This is the most cost-effective solution to get your projects started.

Durable - Semi-Flexible - Impact Resistant - High Detail

A unique combination of rigidity and flexibility makes the "Model" resins line from QTS and Overhang Lab ideal for prints requiring high durability. They are the best choice for pliable production or entertainment.

Strong - Impact Resistant - Near Zero Warp - End Use

Overhang Lab QTC Engineering Strong resins are specifically designed for high strength applications. Functional prototyping is empowered through the dimensional accuracy and strong mechanical properties of these resins.

End Use - High Elongation - Elastic - Flexible

Overhang Lab QTC Flex resins create rubber and TPU-like parts with high resilience, low odor, and multiple levels of flexibility/hardness. Available in both 52D and 57A Shore Hardness options.

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