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Overhang Lab SLA Resin - Model - 500g - Multiple Colors


A unique combination of rigidity and flexibility makes the "Model" resins line from QTS and Overhang Lab ideal for prints requiring high durability. They are the best choice for pliable production or entertainment.

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Overhang Lab SLA Resin - Model - 500g - Multiple Colors

Model Series


QTS Model Series is compatible with 385 ~ 405 nm resin 3D printers, including DLP, LCD, and SLA models. It can be printed with fast curing speed and has flexible printing parameters to reduce production time. It has low shrinkage with excellent durability and high accuracy. It is suitable for wearables or miniatures with its rubber-like characteristic to reduce deformation upon impact. It can also be colored easily with acrylic paint. The smooth surface finish after post-processing is comparable to that of molding parts.


• Product development prototyping

• Electronics and sports wearables

• Motion camera protection casing

• Shock absorption


This printed part requires post-curing to achieve its ideal hardness

and toughness.

Expose the printed parts in 365 ~ 405 nm UV for 10 minutes to an

hour. The time varies based on the thickness of the parts.

Color: White, Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black

Density: 1.12 ~ 1.16 g / cm3

Viscosity: 300 ~ 330 cps @ 25 °C

Shore D Hardness: 75 ~ 77D

Tensile Strength: 36 MPa

Young’s Modulus: 1.73 GPa

Elongation: 75 ~ 80%

Notched Impact Strength: 45 ~ 55 J/m

Glass Transition Temperature: 50 °C

Heat Deflection Temperature: 60 °C

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