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Linear Rail / Guide Kit - Salad Fork - 160mm


This pack of 6 stainless steel MGN (7 & 9) linear rails / guides with carriages from KB3D is positioned with what we consider the perfect balance of cost and precision. They carry a Z1 preload for proper constraint and are sold as complete set for use with the Salad Fork (160mm) 3D Printer.

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Linear Rail / Guide Kit - Salad Fork - 160mm


1x MGN9C - 210mm

3x MGN7H - 200mm

2x MGN7H - 230mm

We searched far and wide for a manufacturer that can deliver a quality Z1 preloaded linear rail and carriage at competitive pricing for use in 3D printer applications. This rail is the result.


Stainless Steel construction for better handling of thermal expansion and easier maintenance.

Z1 Preload to handle any load while still delivering the constraint needed for precise extrusion.

Built-in lubrication ports for trouble-free maintenance

What is a Z1 preload?

Z1 commands a higher preload between the rail and carriage than a more typical Z0 preload. Preload occurs after all space between two components (in this case the rail and carriage) is closed. Any further interference becomes preload, as these materials are too hard to physically compress. 

Having a higher preload is a benefit for our use case, but does change the way that rails feel when move by hand.

What to expect:

These rails are shipped (generously) covered in shipping oil, a common practice of some manufactures to mitigate corrosion during storage and transport. It is recommended to wipe this oil away and inject Mobilux EP2 (or similar) grease into the greasing ports.

Z1 preloaded rails will not slide as freely by hand when compared to a Z0 rail. Any imperfections in the machining process become twice as apparent when higher preloads are involved with an absence of real load. Want to feel your Z1 rail's true characteristics? Lay the rail on a clean, flat, and hard surface - then push down on the face of the carriage with moderate force while moving the carriage around. This better simulates real-world behavior.

Aside from linear rails in the highest price tiers, all linear guide rail carriages will benefit from a proper cleaning before being put into service. See here for a great walk through on this process.

Our rails have a built-in lubrication port, so simply displacing the shipping oil with your grease of choice often does just as well!

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