Rainbow Barf LED Toolhead Harness for Stealth Burner


Take your Stealth Burner tool head to the next level with this plug & play harness from Linneo featuring vinnycordeiro and whoppingochard's Rainbow Barf Logo LED.

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Rainbow Barf LED Toolhead Harness for Stealth Burner

Make your Voron Stealthburner upgrade/transition easy with Linneo's pre-soldered Toolhead harness.

Features the Rainbow Barf LED PCB open sourced by vinnycordeiro and whoppingochard. Learn more here.


3 Pre-Soldered LEDS

 - 2x RGBW LEDs for nozzle lighting

 - 1x Rainbow Barf LED for flexible logo lighting via 8 individually addressable LEDs.

FEP construction

Connection Types:

Use JST-PH for input via Stealthburner PCB

Use Molex Microfit 3.0 for input via extension harness from controller board. (Sold separately)

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