IGUS KGLM-03 Spherical Bearing - Igubal


A combination of igumid G and iglide L280, these KGLM-03 spherical ball bearings are both corrosion and vibration resistant. They have an I.D. of 3mm and an O.D of 10mm carrying an ISO 12240 designation.

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IGUS KGLM-03 Spherical Bearing - Igubal

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  • Dimensional series K following DIN ISO 12240
  • Housing material: igumid G
  • Material of spherical ball: iglide® L280
  • Compensation of misalignment and edge loads
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High vibration-dampening
  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • Suitable for rotating, oscillating and axial movements


Maintenance-free igubal® spherical bearings have a tolerance in the inner diameter of E10. The shaft tolerance should be between h6 and h9. The bearing clearance allows for expansion of the bearings due to increasing temperatures.


igubal® spherical bearings are press-fitted into a recommended H7 housing bore and axially secured. Exact alignment of the bearing housing is not necessary since the spherical bearing automatically compensates for alignment errors.

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