Disc/Cylinder Magnet - Neodymium - 2x2mm


2mmx2mm Grade N48 Neodymium cylinder magnet with a Nickel coating.

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Disc/Cylinder Magnet - Neodymium - 2x2mm

This disc (cylinder) magnet is a grade N48 Neodymium magnet with a pull force of 0.6lbs. It has a metric dimension of 2x2mm and a nickel coating. Priced each!

Color Nickel (Bright Metallic)
Coating Nickel
Shape Cylinder
Diameter (mm) 2.00
Thickness (mm) 2.00
Pull Force (pounds) 0.6
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 176
Magnetization Direction Through Round Thickness/Length (Axial)

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