KB3D Group Buy 6 - Filament Dry/Store/Print Cabinet


KB3D's sixth group buy features a 3.2 cubic foot filament drying and storage cabinet with integrated filament outlet ports.

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KB3D Group Buy #6 - Filament Dry/Store/Print Cabinet


GROUP BUY SUCCESS! Second tier pricing unlocked! Refunds will be given to those that joined at tier 1 pricing within 14 days.

Introducing KB3D's sixth community group buy! The final return of the Edry cabinets - and the lowest price to date!.

Our mission statement is to support special open-source hardware projects with partial and complete BOM's at affordable prices via bulk purchasing and in-house manufacturing.

For certain products however, community buying power can be the most powerful and effective. In these cases, we group buy!

Group Buy Breakdown

Product Summary: Filament Dry/Store/Print Cabinet

Quantity goal (for campaign success): 24 - 517.99

Quantity goal (for additional savings): 35 - $499.99 - Refunds given to those that commit before this quantity goal is reached.

Campaign Timeline: 05/28/24 - 06/30/24 (10PM EST)

Retail cost for 1 unit shipped: $1321.00USD

Current Group Buy cost for 1 unit (less shipping from KB3D): $499.99USD - Add this item to your cart to calculate shipping costs.

Delivery Timeline: ETA Late November or Early December

Discount Percentage = 60%

What it is:

Finally! A reasonably priced and economical solution for filament handling. This cabinet features a 1mm thick steel construction with 3.2 cubic feet of humidity controlled storage space. Simply set your desired relative humidity level (as low as <1%) and enjoy a reliable way to keep your filaments performing optimally with no potential for moisture absorption. Includes 8 filament outlet ports (4 top, 4 rear) and a customizable spool holder system for printing directly from the cabinet! These units are able to actively dry "wet" spools by achieving incredibly low relative humidity levels. They are amazingly cheap to keep running 24/7 and don't bake the filament or use vacuum to do their job.

Why we love it:

Fighting moisture and protecting expensive filament is a hassle. A lot of us use a combination of plastic bags, cereal containers, storage totes full of desiccant that need dried periodically, ETC. Other products that aim to solve the problem are more expensive, but their effectiveness is sometimes questionable - even at higher price points. This system is roomy, proven, and has a very low operating cost. It's foot print also makes it a perfect candidate to be used in conjunction with an extrusion built stand that your favorite printer can sit on. Some printers can even sit directly on top of the cabinet.

--Room for 5 (1KG) filament spools on the adjustable spool holder. (Room for 2 additional spools underneath for storage)

--Print right from the cabinet through high quality filament outlet ports.

--Affordable to buy, and exponentially more affordable to run 24/7

--No direct heat or vacuum = no stress or degradation of materials.

--Investment protection. Specialty filaments are expensive. Keep them for years when stored properly.

--Recovers to set humidity threshold in minutes after door opening/closing.

--Use it as a printer stand! Get the look of the industrial printers and free up bench space.

Who suggested it:

Snargaloo suggested our first Group Buy of this unit, but it's back because of you! Here's your chance to get in (or get in again!)

Product Specs:

Model SD-90CA (From EDry) - Made in Taiwan
Volume 90 Liters (3.2 cubic feet)
External size LxWxH = 16.5 x 15.5 x 25.5 (inches)
Internal size LxWxH - 15.75 x 15.5 x 22.5 (inches)
Accessories Spool Holder Rod (Adjustable), 8x Outlet Plugs, 4x Outlet Fittings, Cabinet Lock Key
Humidity Control Range 1-20%RH (Relative Humidity)
Desiccating Capability Return to 5%RH in less than 10 minutes; Return to 10% RH in less than 5 minutes. 1% RH Capable
Humidity Control Design Automated desiccant charge/discharge - touch control panel operation - LCD panel display.
Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate and 3mm tempered glass door.
Power Source

AC110V+10V 50/60HZ OR European plug + Power supply.