E3D Rapid Change Revo Hemera - Upgrade Kit - 24V


Upgrade your Hemera to Revo from E3D. Compatible with the RapidChange™ Revo ecosystem, for hassle-free nozzle changes.

Now shipping with updated heater core (Blue thermistor jacket)

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Stepper Motor - E3D Hemera XS - 24V

Stepper Motor - E3D Hemera XS - 24V

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E3D Rapid Change Revo Hemera - Upgrade Kit - 24V


Hemera Revo Adaption Kit

1x 0.4mm Brass Nozzle

1x Nozzle Sock

Ready for Revo. Change nozzles at room temperature using just your fingers. No complex tools, no hot tightening. Revo Nozzles are a factory sealed nozzle and heatbreak in one, so they're easy to fit and can't leak material when in use.

New hotness. A Revo HeaterCore heats up in seconds. It's much safer too - unlike other solutions on the market, a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) means the Revo HeaterCore can not melt at extreme temperatures: power reduces as it gets hotter, so hazards are reduced in the event of a thermal runaway.

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