E3D High Flow ObXidian Hot End - For Bambu Lab X1 & P1


E3D & Bambu Lab ObXidian High Flow HotEnds are an official collaboration between E3D and Bambu Labs, bringing you one of the most compact, lightweight and, more importantly, performant HotEnds to date.

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E3D High Flow ObXidian Hot End - For Bambu Lab X1 & P1

Key features

- Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

- Compatibility: Bambu Lab X1, X1C (X1 Carbon), X1E, P1S, and P1P

- Drop-in replacement Hot End for Bambu X1 and P1 Series

- 60% additional flowrate when compared to the standard Bambu hot end!

- Patent pending high flow technology incorporating Bondtech IP

- ObXidian™ hardened tipped nozzle

- E3DLC™ coating offers additional non-stick properties

- Officially Approved & Licensed Bambu product

High Flow:

There's no denying that Bambu Lab's X1 and P1 series printers are built for speed. However, the motion system, as remarkable as it is, has headroom to be even better. That's where E3D High Flow technology comes in. Using our patent pending internal nozzle geometry first developed for Revo High Flow, we've managed to increase the volumetric flow rate of the hotend by 60%! That means you can expect more reliable and consistent extrusion at the same speeds or bump up the volumetric flow rate limit in the slicer to utilize the motion systems' capabilities fully.

Smooth and Hard:

We've applied our E3DLC™ coating to the nozzle and heater block, adding even more abrasive resistance for all your fiber-filled fun and a non-stick protective layer to prevent plastic build-up on the Nozzle. 

No compromise:

All these new additions come in the same form factor as your stock Bambu; simply reuse your temperature sensor and heater pads, and it drops in place with no adjustment to the mount or part cooling required. You can follow Bambu’s easy hot end replacement guide here.


The E3D High Flow Hot End is compatible with the X1, X1 Carbon, X1E, P1S, and P1P

What’s In The Box:

1 x Metal only Hot End

1 x Thermal paste 

1 x Silicone sock

Please note: E3D gives a small royalty to Bambu for every sale of this Bambu-approved upgrade. Bambu is generously donating 50% of that royalty to the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation, a charity set up to support young neurodiverse people with a talent for engineering.

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