Bondtech DDX V3 Direct Drive for Creality 3D Printers


The Bondtech DDX V3 Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality 3D printers is an upgrade kit that replaces the original bowden setup with direct drive. At the heart of the upgrade is a high-performance Dual Drive extruder based on the Bondtech BMG Mini. Requires an adapter set for a customized fit to your particular Creality machine.

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Bondtech DDX V3 Direct Drive Extruder Upgrade for Creality 3D Printers

Meet the newest generation of Bondtech technology for Creality Printers.

This Direct Drive eXtruder from Bondtech is a high performance, high reliability 1.75mm Dual Drive extruder for Creality 3D printers based on the very popular BMG. Bondtech’s unique Dual-Drive technology is combined with either the factory hot end or the Copperhead & Mosquito from Slice Engineering. This offers you a direct drive extruder with trouble-free material feeding and enables the use of a wider range of materials (including flexibles!). The housing components are printed with PA12 (polyamide) for maximum strength and precision using industrial grade SLS technology.

Made for easy use with the following 3D printers:

  • Ender 3 (Including Ender 3 Pro)
  • Ender 5 (Including Ender 5 Pro & Plus) NOTE: Ender-5 Plus also requires BED ROD KIT
  • CR-10 (Including Mini, S, S4, S5, Max, Pro, S Pro, S Pro V2)
  • Ender-6
  • CR-30 PrintMill
  • CR-10 V2 & V3 (Requires additional adapter kit linked below)

What's included:

  • 1x DDX Extruder
  • 1x Nema17 Pancake stepper motor
  • 1x Thumbscrew Assembly
  • 1x 70cm Stepper motor extension cable
  • 1x 60cm PTFE tube
  • 1x 7cm Capricorn tube
  • 4x Zip-ties
  • 3x M3x12mm screw
  • 2x M3x20mm screw
  • 1x M3x10mm button head screw

The most impactful upgrade for your 3D printer:

Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality is designed to give the user more options – different materials; higher flow and/or wider nozzles; thinner layers – and achieve a higher print quality. The DDX is based on the BMG Bondtech Mini Geared extruder and it's housing design provides effective hot end and part cooling.  With the 3:1 gearing ratio, high resolution prints with small nozzles or high flow prints with bigger nozzles can be achieved.

Easy To Setup:

For ease of setup the kit is attached securely to the carriage with only 2 screws.

Using a bed probe with DDX:

The DDX was designed to allow space for the bed probe to be attached to the x-carriage.

Meet the 4 stages of DDX

Let your printer grow with you and your budget.

What's new in V3?

Expanded model compatibility

  • Now Fits the Ender-6 and CR-30 PrintMill!

Faster and Easier

  • Fan shrouds and mounts designed for each model now come as one SLS printed piece
  • Cooling fans simply snap into the shrouds, no need for fasteners
  • A new part cooling duct height adjustment with one screw and a sliding grooved mounting channel

Starting with phase 1? Simply re-use the stock thermistor, heater, hotend, nozzle and fans.

See below for links to all of the upgrade/fitting options for DDX

Need help putting together your build? Contact us anytime!

No firmware update is required. E-steps value needs updated to 415. Contact us anytime for technical assistance!

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