LDO Blackbox Frame Kit - Complete - Black


This complete Frame Kit from LDO Motors comes complete with all aluminum extrusions needed to build your own Blackbox Toolchanging 3D Printer. It is anodized in black and comes pre-drilled and pre-tapped for quick and easy assembly.

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LDO Blackbox Frame Kit - Complete - Black


  • 4x 4040x470mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 2x 4040x420mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 4x 4040x395mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 2x 2060x482mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 2x 2040x373mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 2x 2040x470.5mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 2x 2020x373mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 1x 2020x395mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 1x 1020x488mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 1x 1020x350mm T-Slot Extrusion
  • 8x 4040 Corner Brackets
  • 9X 2020 Corner Connectors


  • Pre-Tapped & Pre-Drilled in all needed locations
  • Anodized in Black
  • T-slot extrusions are open on all sides for easy customization and modification.
  • 10 Series Extrusions use a 6mm slot width
  • 20 Series Extrusions use a 6mm slot width
  • 40 Series Extrusions use an 8mm slot width

QTY 1 Required per Blackbox Build

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