LDO Voron V0 Stepper Motor Kit - 4 Piece - Rev C


This 4 piece Stepper Motor kit for the Voron V0 includes all of the high performance motors needed for your build. Offered and Manufactured by the community trusted LDO motors.

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LDO Voron V0.1 Stepper Motor Kit - 4 Piece - REV C


QTY 2 - LDO-35STH52-1504AH(VRN)

QTY 1 - LDO-36STH17-1004AHG(VRN)

QTY 1 - LDO-42STH25-1004CL200ET(VRN)

QTY 1 - Anti Backlash Lead Screw Nut Assembly

As per Voron V0.1 BOM

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