BTT PITFT50 V2.0 5 Inch Pi LCD Touchscreen Display


The BigTreeTech PI TFT 50 V2.0 is a 5 inch LCD touchscreen display for your Raspberry Pi. It offers an 800x480 resolution, adjustable brightness and is compatible with Klipper screen.

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BTT PITFT50 V2.0 5 Inch Pi LCD Touchscreen Display

  •  This is a 5-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 for Raspberry-Pi. The display area can reach 108 x 64.8mm.

  •  Adapt to the Raspberry-Pi DSI display interface, directly driven by DSI; with a capacitive touch panel. Supports 5-point touch.

  •  The unique hole design on the back allows you to install the Raspberry-Pi directly. PI TFT50 display adopts Raspberry-Pi power supply design, no external power supply is needed.

  •  The PI TFT50 display supports hardware backlight adjustment, and the backlight brightness can be adjusted by rotating the potentiometer behind the screen.

PI-TFT50 V2.0 Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage: 3.3V (provided by Raspberry Pi display interface)

Maximum Working Current: 320mA

Screen Current: 100mA

Screen Resolution: 800*480

Video Interface: Raspberry Pi DSI

Touch Points: 5 points

Viewing Angle: 60°/70°/70°/70°

RGB888-16 Trillion True Color

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Luminous Rate: 280 cd/m2

Working Temperature: -20℃-70℃

Dimensions: 121mm x 76mm

Mounting Hole Size: M2.5

Outer Mounting Hole Position: 113mm x 68mm

Inner Mounting Hole Position: 58mm x 49m

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