Ajax-3D TD-1 Filament Tool for HueForge - Assembled


Take your HueForge prints to the next level with Ajax-3D's filament TD detection tool. This unit arrives fully assembled and is produced by the original creator himself.

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Ajax-3D TD-1 Filament Tool for HueForge - Assembled

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The TD-1 from Ajax-3D is your new best friend for HueForge filament library perfection! Simply insert a length of your filament to be provided with a TD value (Transmission Distance) and HEX color code within seconds. 


Quickly measure the Transmission Distance of your filament.

Obtain the color hex code of your filament.

Quick Capture Mode: Quickly add new filaments directly to your library.

Continuous Capture Mode: Monitor the real-time TD data of your filament, whether it’s actively in use or during the spooling process directly on the production line.

Seamless Integration: Connect directly with HueForge software to effortlessly add new filaments to your library.

0.91″ OLED Display: View test results even when not connected to HueForge for manual entry later or for uses outside of HueForge.

USB-C Interface: Convenient USB-C interface


Assembled and Tested TD-1 in your chosen color

USB-C cable


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