IGUS Cable Chain Kit - Voron V1.8


Complete genuine IGUS energy chain kit for Voron V1.8. Includes 3.34 feet of E2-10-10-018-0 cable chain and two mounting bracket sets - as per BOM specification.

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IGUS Cable Chain Kit - Voron V1.8

Enjoy the smooth reliability and long term protection that only genuine IGUS products can offer.

Please note that E2 chains open from the outside!


1x E2-10-10-018-0 (10x10) @ 3.34 ft (50 links)

2x E2-100-10-12PZ Mounting Sets

Note: The Voron sourcing guide specifies 10x11 cable chain. This is the closest size that IGUS offers, and will have plenty of room for your build.

The E2 series of cable chains have removable clips on the outer edge allowing easy cable/wire install, removal, and service.

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