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Overhang Lab SLA Resin - PP Like - 500G


QTS PP-Like resin provides high dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface finish. The translucent nature of this resin can be polished with sandpaper and applied with a layer of varnish to achieve transparency. PP-Like Resin is ideal for creating prototypes that need both hardness and flexibility.


Overhang Lab SLA Resin - PP Like - 500G

Key Features

• Low viscosity with efficient workflow.

• High accuracy and smooth surface finish.

• Low odor before and after printing.

• Cleans well with Magic Wash Plus or other detergent.


• Lighting prototypes

• Product development

• Ornaments

Post Processing

This printed part requires post-curing to achieve its ideal hardness and toughness.

Expose the printed parts in 365 ~ 405 nm UV for 10 minutes to an hour. The time varies based

on the thickness of the parts.


Color: Clear

Viscosity: 200 ~ 300 cps @ 25 °C

Shore D Hardness: 66 ~ 70D

Elongation: 40%



PP-Like Resin MSDS

PP-Like Resin MSDS

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