Phaetus Dragonfly BMO Hot End


The Phaetus Dragonfly BMO hotend features an all metal design capable of 500C printing temperatures thanks to its copper components. Compatible with all groove mount AND screw mount interfaces with it's removable groove mount adapter.


Phaetus Dragonfly BMO Hot End

What's Included:

Phaetus Dragonfly BMO hotend

Plated copper 0.4mm nozzle (REPRAP threads, use any nozzle you like!)

Silicone Sock

Collet Clip

Fastener Kit

Nozzle Wrench

Allen Wrenches

Heater and thermistor not included! Shop our selection to compliment your upgrade.


500C Printing temperatures

Compatible with standard heaters / thermistors (not included)

Flexible mounting options (Groovemount OR Screwmount)

All metal design

Surface roughness of <=0.3 along the filament path


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