Raspberry Pi 4 - TAMV Preloaded


This customized Raspberry Pi comes configured with TAMV and is used for automated nozzle offset calibration via USB camera on tool changing 3D printers.


The solution to tool offset calibration

Raspberry Pi 4 + TAMV & ZTATP Preloaded

Now shipping with the new TAMV User Interface! We are also now stocking the recommended USB microscope!

Pre-configured with open-Source software courtesy of the late Danal Estes and H2B of Jubilee

5% of all sales will be donated to Cern & Society Foundation for KiCad development on behalf of the 3D printing community in appreciation of Danal's contributions.

Read about them here.

This powerful tool fully automates nozzle offset calibration using machine vision and a USB camera to precisely locate the nozzle tip for each tool. The process is highly simplified for ease of use when purchasing this plug and play kit versus a self-install.

For XY offsets: TAMV (Tool Alignment Machine Vision) Simply run the script from the Pi, jog the nozzle over the camera lens, and the script will take it from there.

For Z offsets: ZTATP (Z Tool Alignment (with) Touch Plate) Uses the tip of the nozzle as a conductor to detect contact with the build plate.

What's Included:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB RAM) Controller
  • 16GB MicroSD Card
  • Latest compatible Raspian OS
  • Latest compatible natively installed OpenCV environment (NOT virtual)
  • Latest compatible TAMV & ZTATP scripts
  • Instructions for use

Other things you will need (NOT INCLUDED):

  • USB Microscope with manual focus lens and integrated lighting - See "Related Products" section below!
  • PC with a network connection (WiFi OR Ethernet)
  • A Duet printer, reachable from the Pi by network, running V2 or V3 firmware
  • While ZTAP scripts are included, the documentation provided will cover the step-by-step use of TAMV only at this time.

This is both a product and a service. The prerequisites for TAMV can be difficult and time consuming to install. Click HERE to see our step-by-step guide for the procedure offered here as a service.


While we will always make every effort to help you through any problems you have, we (KB3D) do not maintain the TAMV project. Setting up and using TAMV can sometimes be difficult to learn, especially if you have not used/operated a raspberry pi in the past. The included guide aims to help with this but should not be considered all-inclusive. We can NOT be held responsible for any damage to a machine that occurs by way of using this product and/or software. Please be careful!


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