Blackbox Toolchanger KB3D BOM Kit - Community Edition


Meet Blackbox - An extremely capable open source tool changing platform. The community edition is configurable with up to 5 water cooled tools and your choice of hot end options. Combine this with our LDO and Mandala Rose Works kits for 95% BOM coverage.

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Blackbox Toolchanger KB3D BOM Kit - Community Edition

Please note: Some of the product photos above show builds equipped with optional features beyond the scope of this parts kit.

Blackbox is a fully open source design years in the making. Proven results over multiple iterations creates a solid foundation for a community driven machine limited only by our imaginations.

What is the "Community Edition?"

The community edition is a standard Blackbox build. It follows the original BOM, assembly guide, and CAD models.

This BOM kit is meant to compliment the existing parts kits from our partners at LDO motors and Mandala Rose works. It satisfies the remainder of the Blackbox BOM with high quality parts, components, and tools listed below. Enjoy the fruits of our labor over the last 12 months in an effort to bring you an easy sourcing experience without the added cost of shipping from dozens of vendors!

Want to see details on a particular item included in this kit? All of these products are listed separately here at KB3D!


Purple indicates that quantity is based on the tool count selected above.




QTY Notes


3010 Blower Fan 3010BB 1
Water Cooler Block - Idle Cooler WBBB 1
Bowden Tube - 3M Black PTBB 2
Nozzle Wiper BBNW2 10 2 Per Tool
Acrylic Enclosure Kit BBEKC 1
EF10 Bearing EF10 1
EK8 Bearing EK8 1
9x154 Belt TB154 1
9x188 Belt TB188 1
2GT Pulley - 16 -9 GT25916 2
2GT Pulley - 40 - 9 - 8mm GT28940 2
2GT Pulley - 40 - 9 - 5mm GT25940 1
2GT Pulley - 80 - 9 - 8mm GT28980 1
Leak Blocker BBLB5 5 1 Per Tool
Magnet 5x5  Cyl55 5
Magnet 5x4 Cyl54 15
IGUS Ext Drive BBSLS2 1
IGUS EXT Driven BBSLS1 5 1 Per Tool
Kraken Heatbreak 4025828504 5 1 Per Tool See Options Below
Water Cooling Kit M-WC-KIT-12V 1
Bowden Coupling Kit M-BC-METAL-175 5 1 Per Tool
3x8 Shaft M38SS 5
Tnut - 40 - 3mm 4040M3DI 30
4x9x4 Bearing MR684ZZ 8
Bondtech Drive Gear Kit EXT-KIT-33 5 1 Per Tool
Bondtech Shaft Assm. 15021 5 1 Per Tool
Bondtech Bearing MR85ZZ 10 2 Per Tool
Bondtech Thumbscrew 15026 5 1 Per Tool
Heatset M4x6x5 HSI465 40
Heatset M3x4.6x4 HSI344 125
KB3D Water Cooling Kit BBWCK 1
Boron Nitride Thermal Paste 14207 1
2GT Pulley - 20 - 9 - 5mm GT25920T 2
Water Block - X Carriage WBBBX 1
T Nut - Roll In - 20 M3 2020M3RI 75
T Nut - Slide - 40 M4 4040M4SI 36
Linear Shaft Kit BBKIT-LINSHA 1
8mm Z Shaft LINSHA-8-BB 1
4mm Worm Gear Set WG140-4 1
E3D 24V 40W Heater E-HEATER-24V-40W 5 1 Per Tool
E3D Thermistor E-SEMITEC-50-MOLEX-INC-CABLE 5 1 Per Tool
E3D Aluminum Heater Block V6-BLOCK-CARTRIDGE-ALU 5 1 Per Tool See Options Below
3x3 Magnet Cyl33 1
Meanwell 350W Power Supply LRS-350-24 1
IGUS Drag Chain kit - Blackbox IGUS-KIT-BB 1
V6 Silicone Socks - Pack of 3 V6-SOCK-3PACK 2
Gates Idler 9mm Toothed G2GT-I-20-9 12
Gates Idler 9mm Smooth G2GT-I-S-9 2
5x10x4 Flanged Bearing MF105ZZ 4
Honeywell Z Switch ...476067346 1
Gates 9mm Belt M-BELT-LL-GT2-9 82
Chrome Ball 52100-8-1 10 2 Per Tool
T Nut - 20 - M4 Roll-in 2020M4RI 50
Brass 0.4mm Nozzle E3D V6-NOZZLE-175-400 5 1 Per Tool
Reamer Set HSSRS210 1
3PIN Microswitch MS3-M 2
M3x6 Dowel Pin DP36-52100 1
Spring Wire 9666K56 5 1 Per Tool
Counterweight Kit
T-Lock Shim Kit


Printed Parts! See our Printed Parts Guide and STL Kit here.

Controller Board: Brand loyalty and personal preference play a big role in controller choice. We've decided not to include them in these kits for this reason. Blackbox officially recommends the Duet 2 + Duex5, but any controller with at least 5 stepper drivers will do.

Heated Bed: For the same reason above, we're leaving the heated bed up to the builder. We stock keenovo heaters and Omron solid state relays if you need them!

Wiring, Connectors, ETC: We recommend FEP or silicone wiring for everything except the mains power (if building with a 120/240V heated bed)

Buck Converters: Blackbox is a 24V system, but the water cooling system is 12V. You may use Buck Converters instead of additional wall sockets.


Tool Quantity:

Number of FDM tools you'd like to fit to your Blackbox.

Hot End Configuration:

E3D Kraken + Aluminum Heater Blocks - E3D's stainless steel Kraken heat break with aluminum heater blocks can print at temperatures up to 300C. This is considered the standard configuration.

E3D Titanium + Copper Heater Blocks (REQUIRES THREADED TOOL COOLERS)- The titanium heat break is markedly better at preventing heat from reaching the cold end in the first place. Copper heater blocks can print at up to 500C. This options is best for those that intend to fully enclose the machine and/or regularly print higher temperature materials.

Slice Engineering Bi-Metallic + Copperhead (REQUIRES THREADED TOOL COOLERS) - Another great option for more demanding printing environments and high temperature capabilities. Bi-metallic heatbreak offer conduction where you want it, and less where you don't. Capable of 450C+ printing temperatures.

This machine looks intimidating, can I build one?

Yes, but maybe. Blackbox has some new (to most) design elements that will push you to learn about systems you may not have dealt with before. In general though, the recommendations from other DIY printer build communities translate well. Those are typically as follows:

  • This probably shouldn’t be your first 3D printer. There are always exceptions, but the experience you have will likely lean on your previously acquired skills from using and maintaining other machines.
  • Despite our best efforts to guide you along, every machine will be different. From the quality of the printed parts to the nuances of your particular configuration. You should be comfortable with the fact that your attention to detail and where-with-all will determine the final product.
  • If you’re like most, you will learn a ton, and probably pick up some new tools to make your life easier. Learning takes time, and so will your build. This is not an 8 hour build!

We have a well-established community full of friendly, helpful, and skilled members that can help you with any hurdles along the way. The documentation at Dozuki will be your number one resource for nearly everything. Head over to the assembly guide to get your feet wet.

Can I contribute, and how?

Absolutely. Blackbox is free to the world, courtesy of Marc Schoemann (Founder) and the development team. We encourage everyone to give back to the project however possible. Here are some ideas:

  • Sharing of modifications made to your machine that you think improve the experience or broaden the use case
  • CAD optimization and contribution
  • Bug fixes, error reporting, and feedback/suggestions
  • Documentation Contribution!
  • Help your peers where possible

Join the community Here

Where can I find the latest and most up-to-date information on Blackbox?

Our Dozuki page along with our Discord should be your destination for all announcements and official documentation. We have satellite pages all over the web in varying states of out-dated. Blackbox has been a long term project with multiple iterations to achieve refinement. We are actively working to update all other blogs/pages.

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